Who have you become?
Whatever is put out into the world, is what will be received.
What are you wanting to bring into your life vs what are you getting?

Examine your thoughts, are they negative and bitter; do you have feelings of rage, defeat, or rejection? This is what fuels and sets fire to our actions. From all that, I ask, “Will you get what you truly want when you allow these thoughts, feelings and actions to consume you?”

Humans are REACTIVE. Our perception identifies our reality. I have not been in anyone else’s shoes, only my own. And, I have walked a many a mile in my own shoes. So, I want to take a minute to lay out how I’ve been known to navigate life sometimes. Knowing me as well as I do, making decisions based on how I feel, never proves to be a solid choice. My emotions clouded being able to see the whole picture. I don’t see things as they are, but instead I see things as I feel. I get upset by my view of what happens. I also have been known to treat others the way I feel I was treated. And this was an aha for me – I may view myself unforgivingly because it is the same way I feel others view me.

Monday, we stepped into the sixth month of 2020. Emotions are off the charts – all over the world. There’s been Covid-19, state lockdowns, an economical spiral, lives lost, jobs lost and today tension rises with destructive riots and protests. We are 100% responsible for our actions. Those actions are a choice.It starts in our HEART, we get to spread it throughout our HOME and then, offer it to the WORLD.

It starts in you!!!

Today, what if you chose to think, feel and act differently?
What would you change?

Who have you become?
Who can you be?

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