Woman taking in the fresh air looking peaceful

Words have life. Are you beating up on yourself with words? What words are you saying to yourself following a negative or unpleasant conversation? If you don’t like what you are seeing, hearing or saying about yourself, plant different seeds. Words invoke either misery or blessings into your life, and it’s your choice as to which it will be.

I remember a time when I said, “I’m not smart enough.” Those words started an avalanche of negativity. Not smart enough meant “Not good enough,” which in turn meant “I don’t believe in myself,” which then meant “I can’t do this.” You get the idea.

Think of a time when you spoke something negative about yourself. Did any of the above words come into play? Unhealthy conversations cause you to question yourself and jeopardizes your self-worth. I’ve found myself there many times. I begin to shrink to the point of disappearing.

Whether it be negative or positive, the words you choose, and all the like words that follow, are invited in and attach themselves to a belief. Imagine instead if you would have started with the words, “I can handle this challenge.” Can you feel the difference?

Staying grounded so that the feelings, thoughts and beliefs associated with negative words don’t create a chain reaction, takes practice and application. What does it take to be in a state of believing and finding value in yourself? Choose your words wisely.

Let me support you in aligning from an awareness, into an acceptance, creating awakenings.