Red and Blue Hot Air Balloon

Your joyous light:
Is it extinguished?
Is it diminished?
Or is it radiant?

We were all created wonderfully and fearfully, on purpose, for a purpose. How do you keep your heart shining with radiance?

Looking back on my life, I am aware of times when my heart has been extinguished. Circumstances, emotions, beliefs, and lack of self-worth, all played their part.

Recently, I had lunch with my brother to chat about how we go forward as Dad’s condition continues to deteriorate. I slid into the booth across from him, tears in my eyes, ready to just burst forth from overwhelming emotions.

In the middle of the conversation, my brother stopped and looked at me. “You have lost your joy, your light,” he said. “I haven’t seen it in quite a while, and I’m worried about you.” His statement was the tipping point. My tears that had been teetering on the edge were soon overflowing. Hearing those words validated my emotions, and gave power to what I was feeling.

At that moment I recognized I must RESET in order to REALIGN. I first had to acknowledge my past beliefs. Then, to accept that today, the joyous light wasn’t gone; it had only gotten buried.

Acceptance and gratitude RESET me that day. I began to ask myself these questions:

“What is the value of being in the middle of this season?”
“What benefits did I notice being in the middle of this season?”
And, “What blessings have come from being in the middle of this season?”

You see, resetting with acceptance and an attitude of gratitude rekindled that joyous light.

What might rekindle joyous light in your heart?

Every heart has the ability to rise.