Read what others have said about their experience with Etched In Your Heart Coaching and how it has helped them to grow and renew their incredible strength.

Read what others have said about their experience with Etched In Your Heart Coaching and how it has helped them to grow and renew their incredible strength.

“Mary equipped me with the tools I needed to set healthy boundaries in my life, view myself as God sees me, and allow myself to walk in freedom in Christ; no longer bound by insecurities or people pleasing. She taught me techniques which helped me to quickly process the moments when unhealthy thought patterns arose. Using biblical principles, Mary allowed me to see how Christ has transformed my life to be set free and to live loved. I not only invested in myself by coaching with Mary, I invested in my daughter’s life, marriage, church, friendships, and workplace. I am in awe of the quick changes that were brought about in my life after working with Mary for only a short time.”


“Mary helped me to learn emotional boundaries so that I wasn’t constantly worrying about situations that I couldn’t change. I also realized there are healthy boundaries when it comes to helping others! I learned to ask questions on why I had certain emotions and that my emotions cannot control me or how my day would be. God is in control and he loves me and now I’m better at really recognizing that statement.”


Mary is an amazing coach and will take you to new levels in your relationships.”


“Before working with Mary, I was mentally unstable. I took everything to heart, let the smallest things ruin my day, and tried to control every situation. I did not want to continue to live in this world and I did not feel loved. Mary has taught me that people cannot be controlled and the things they do are their choices and it’s not against you. I’ve learned to not take things personally because it is only destroying my own mind and will not have an affect on my future life. I have been taught coping mechanisms that help me let things go so I am not irritated as much. I have not only had a complete changed mindset, but I have also grown closer to God and realized that He has a plan for me and that He loves everyone, including me. I do not know where I would be if I did not have Mary helping me realign my heart and mind.”


“Having Mary as a life coach for our daughter was an answered prayer! For months our daughter struggled with depression, anxiety, dark thoughts, and hopelessness. After just one session we noticed a significant change in our daughter. The tools that Mary uses to help one currently align thoughts with truth and oppose the lies are invaluable! We believe Mary was an answer to our prayers to help our daughter in regaining control of her thinking so that she could more accurately understand herself and feel mentally healthy once again.”

“Yes, yes, yes priceless work God has done through your serving others by coaching, my family as been changed because of how you coach.”


“Absolutely love your state of being exercise! I use it all the time with my clients and thank you for using it with some of my loved ones! You are such a talented coach! And your genuine love and acceptance for people create such a safe and pleasant coaching atmosphere. Thank you for contributing and sharing your gifts.”