Read what others have said about their experience with Etched In Your Heart Coaching and how it has helped them to grow and renew their incredible strength.

Read what others have said about their experience with Etched In Your Heart Coaching and how it has helped them to grow and renew their incredible strength.

“Since I started this program Mary has been a great coach, a faithful friend, and a most outstanding mentor. I have learned my own self worth and how to juggle everyday struggles. If I had one word to describe Mary, it would be AMAZING, because she is just that AMAZING in every possible way. My children and I will forever respect what you have given us – a new outlook on life itself!! Thank you for never giving up on us!!!” Tiffany J.

“I started coaching with Mary in February 2015, and it has been quite the journey, I must admit. At first, I was skeptical, my mother recommended her to me during a rough stretch in my life to help me get back on track. Honestly, I first told my mother I would try it out to just get her off my back and stop bugging me about it. As I continued my sessions I realized what my mom was talking about. Unlike former therapy sessions and meeting with psychiatrists which I never got along with, she brought something completely different to the table. Other meetings with therapists always wanted to talk about the past and tried to figure out why I was feeling so bad based on former decision or events. Never trying talking about the present, what I could do RIGHT NOW to help me get back on track. I could have cared less about the past, I mean most of my past I can’t even remember due to several head injuries. The past was the past, I don’t want to live in the past. And Mary understood that. She started out asking about how my life was presently, what I wanted to change, where I wanted to be. Through these questions we created goals, small but attainable goals. After achieving these goals I continued to build up confidence in myself, helping me realize that I can get what I want, as long as I have the confidence to work hard at it. As we get further and further into these sessions I have attained many of these goals and am making progress on several others. Living life when you are accomplishing things is a much easier, and happier life. Mary, along with several other factors, has changed my life. Several people have told me I act like a completely different person. Counselors at the school I had dropped out of last fall, and haven’t seen since December, couldn’t believe the progress I have made. Now trying to get myself back into school it is very encouraging to hear these things from advisors that work where I am trying to attend. Life is much more fluent these days, and I credit Mary to a large part of it. I recommend her to anyone simply looking for guidance in their life”


“Mary, your session not only left us all with great tools to help achieve balance in the midst of life’s demands, it gave us permission to recognize the essence of our value and to celebrate it. 🙂 🙂
You are a great illustration of inspired living. Continue to live fearlessly and be a light for others. I believe that even greater things are in store for you and your mission of helping to uplift others.”

A Mom Helping Hand Me Downs

“I started coaching with Mary just to get a taste of what her coaching style was all about. While I expected a benefit to coaching, I didn’t expect for coaching to help me change my perspective so much! I wanted to create more balance between my personal life and my business. What I learned was that I wasn’t giving myself permission to have “me” time. I felt guilty if things were neglected at work, I felt guilty if I neglected my family, and in between that, I was ignoring my own needs. Coaching with Mary was different from anything else I’d done in the past because Mary didn’t tell me what I needed to do. I choose what I needed to do based on my goals and what I wanted for myself. In one exercise, I had to answer from the perspective of other people. This was probably the most meaningful experience in that I had to step outside myself, and think as someone else, and how they viewed me. It was shockingly intense to feel for myself as others would. Mary didn’t tell me what to think, how to feel. She didn’t solve my problem for me, but instead she gave me the tools I needed to find solutions for myself. She walked with me to a place of understanding why I felt the way I did, and then I was able to find a way to create better habits. I can give myself permission to care for my needs. These habits helped to free me from the feelings I had towards my business and family, understand that there always is a tomorrow, and that there are no accidents or missed opportunities. I can choose how to respond, and I can respond from a point of authenticity, and caring regard for others.”

Dr. Diana Toler

Doctor, Chiropractic Family Care Chiropractic Center

“Mary and I met when I was at a bad time in life. I was questioning my pregnancy and the relationship with my now husband. After coaching with Mary, life started making sense. Her coaching abilities are so out of this world, it is REALLY hard to put into words. She has helped me see the positive in life, and helped me realize that it’s all about accepting yourself. Once I got that down, the doors opened. She’s a miracle worker.” Kaitlyn

“Meeting Ms. Mary April 6, 2017 has become a defining moment in my life. I want you to know how much I appreciate you becoming my coach. I know we are in the early stages of what looks like a long road, but you have made me believe in what’s possible for my life, something that I couldn’t see myself. Thank You for listening without judgement, for gently asking me questions that you sensed I was ready to answer and if I wasn’t, for reassuring me that you would be there when I was ready. From early on in your coaching I felt like I trusted you. You have made it easier for me to tell you things I haven’t been able to tell others. As scary as that as I felt safe and cared for by you. I feel sure that with your continued support I can continue to move forward and experience what’s possible. WITH GRATITUDE.”

Monae Williams

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