January 2019 brought a facelift into my life. No, I didn’t have plastic surgery; my kitchen received the facelift and walls which were barriers came down, in more ways than one.

I found it interesting to watch the contractors take in information on what I wanted, coordinate their daily plans, execute those plans and at the end of the day, set an intention for what was to be the next day. What I also noticed was how I found myself comparing the renovation of my kitchen to ReSetting, ReAligning and Remembering.

How might your life need to be renovated? What intentions did you set for 2019?

Image of a kitchenI want to take a minute to provide you an overview of events that first prompted my life- renovation decision. I bought and moved into a 62-year old home last January. The past year encompassed getting to know my new home. The results of getting to know my home provided knowledge of what did and did not work.

Last summer I thought my living room needed to have more natural light. My creative/resourceful side began processing a new project. I visualized the prospect of cutting an opening between the kitchen and living room, allowing for the natural light that flowed into the kitchen to filter through to the living room. Visualizing evolved into discussions, and then renovations were to commence at the end of August. August came and went as the contractors got tied up in finishing their previous projects.

kitchen going through renevationsIf you’ve been following my posts you might recall I have mentioned that things that happen, are not by accident. During the extended time frame, I discovered just how petite my kitchen is. Remember, I mentioned all nine of us were standing in my quaint kitchen on Christmas Eve? What I noticed was that everyone was spread out, eating in the dining room, living room and kitchen, with walls dividing us all. Now, I don’t know about you, but one of my core values is being family-oriented and being spread from room to room wasn’t working.

With the Christmas holidays behind me, I resourcefully considered not only the original plan, but how I wanted the wall that divided the kitchen and dining room to be completely GONE. By now you may be thinking, “What does all this have to do with Resetting, ReAligning and Remembering?” I’m glad you asked. This is how I ReSet, ReAligned and Remembered:

ReSet – I took a step back to see and understand the bigger picture of which barriers were causing division.

ReAlign – I allowed my feelings, thoughts and beliefs to become in tune with my heart of being family oriented. With alignment, I have openness and freedom to connect.

Remember – What was it that brought me to this place? Remembering what some barriers have brought into my life.

Maybe your plans in January were to renovate, or maybe you set some resolutions. It’s now February. I don’t know what you have noticed about those resolutions or renovating plans you set, but:

What I do know is, in order to get to where you are going, you must first know where you are!

Allow your heart to rise up, letting me support you in knowing where you are, in order to get to where you are going. Let’s ReSet, ReAlign, and Remember.