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About Mary Brown

Mary Brown is a Core Alignment Specialist, the founder of Etched In Your Heart, and a mom and grandmother. Her own powerful coaching journey began from a state of unacceptance in herself and ignited a passion to show up for others with an understanding heart and the ability to feel what others feel. She knows how essential it is to be YOU, and therefore how essential it is to share the work she does.

Mary empowers others to embrace their self-worth from an honoring place where she recognizes the present, acknowledges beliefs of the past, and connects individuals to navigate through living into the future.

Mary’s experience and understanding is that more can be created when your mind, body and heart are aligned. EVERY HEART RISE UP to let your light shine!

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Who Have You Become?

Who Have You Become?

Who have you become? Whatever is put out into the world, is what will be received. What are you wanting to bring into your life vs what are you getting?Examine your thoughts, are they negative and bitter; do you have feelings of rage, defeat, or rejection? This is...



Vulnerability is defined as "The quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally"How vulnerable are you? What keeps you from being vulnerable? Based on my own experience and coaching conversations I’ve...

Courage to Take That Leap

Courage to Take That Leap

What is your definition of courage? How much courage do you have? What does it take to embrace that courage and go forward? It takes a tremendous amount of courage to ask for help, or just to share your needs or concerns with someone else. Here are some of the...



“Mary helped me to learn emotional boundaries so that I wasn’t constantly worrying about situations that I couldn’t change.  I also realized there are healthy boundaries when it comes to helping others!  I learned to ask questions on why I had certain emotions and that my emotions cannot control me or how my day would be.  God is in control and he loves me and now I’m better at really recognizing that statement.”  


“Having Mary as a life coach for our daughter was an answered prayer!  For months our daughter struggled with depression, anxiety, dark thoughts, and hopelessness.  After just one session we noticed a significant change in our daughter.  The tools that Mary uses to help one currently align thoughts with truth and oppose the lies are invaluable!  We believe Mary was an answer to our prayers to help our daughter in regaining control of her thinking so that she could more accurately understand herself and feel mentally healthy once again.”  


“Absolutely love your state of being exercise!  I use it all the time with my clients and thank you for using it with some of my loved ones!  You are such a talented coach!  And your genuine love and acceptance for people create such a safe and pleasant coaching atmosphere.  Thank you for contributing and sharing your gifts.”

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Mary’s Story

Mary’s story is nothing short of miracles and blessings. Without a doubt, I know God’s touch has been in every intricate detail of my life. All of the good, all of the bad and ALL of the ugly.
The doctor who delivered me called me a miracle baby. My parents experienced two miscarriages before I was born and a wait of 15 years before God breathed life into me. And childhood began.
Along the way, beliefs of unacceptance developed. It created sibling rivalry (brother, 2.5 years younger), a life of comparing, the not smart enough, not good enough thoughts. I allowed thoughts and feelings from my youth to impact my life in a destructive way, leaving a void that as an adult caused me to search for acceptance leading to degrading choices that haunted me for years. Little did I know at the time, the circumstances of my life would be used in a mighty way to help other women.