Mary’s Story

Mary’s story is nothing short of miracles and blessings.  Without a doubt, I know God’s touch has been in every intricate detail of my life.  All of the good, all of the bad and ALL of the ugly.

The doctor who delivered me called me a miracle baby.  My parents experienced two miscarriages before I was born and a wait of 15 years before God breathed life into me.  And childhood began.

Along the way, beliefs of unacceptance developed.   It created sibling rivalry (brother, 2.5 years younger), a life of comparing, the not smart enough, not good enough thoughts.  I allowed thoughts and feelings from my youth to impact my life in a destructive way, leaving a void that as an adult caused me to search for acceptance leading to degrading choices that haunted me for years.  Little did I know at the time, the circumstances of my life would be used in a mighty way to help other women.

Destruction; I owned it, I sat in it, and my actions revolved around it.    The perfect escape came when I jumped at the opportunity to care for my elderly mom and dad who have now passed on.  A perfect time to dodge my self-destruction.  I was good at deflecting.  I was also good at rescuing, fixing and caring for others.  By engaging in other opportunities, I didn’t have to deal with myself.  At this time in my life I had experienced three failed marriages, my children were grown and on their own.  Nothing was holding me back from running away.   I thought if I ran far enough and went where very few knew me, I would be good.  Relief and sadness were the emotions I experienced the day I drove off to start a new life.  Unfortunately, destruction, along with fear, that I had tucked away, found its way back into my thoughts and feelings.  Sad to say, caring about life was no longer important and the light that shined from me was barely visible.

This is what I learned along the way; God had His own plan.  He would take all that emotional baggage from pain, my poor decisions, my destructive beliefs and turn them into beautiful blessings.  There are no accidents the people God orchestrated to come into my life:  family, friends, acquaintances, coaches, pastors and co-workers.  Every one of them have played an essential role in my life.

The healing began as I gave myself permission to hire a coach.  This is what being coached allowed me to do in my life: face my fears, create a truthful relationship with my children, draw closer to God, learn that my bad and ugly choices do not define me, accept how God loved me so I could love myself,  and I forgave myself.

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Those seasons of my life bring me to today.  Nine years ago, I turned the page to begin a new chapter; my own coaching experience led to classes that produced certifications.  It was not my intention to become a coach.  I only wanted more tools.  Once again, God was in control and after receiving certifications from Excalibur Institute and Core Alignment Coaching, Etched In Your Heart was birthed.  I coach women to see, think, feel, accept and move past their pain; transforming themselves back into the strong women they were created to be.   I support them in rising above the wreckage where more joy, more peace, more self-confidence is found and most importantly, the light that was once dim within, will shine brightly again.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it hundreds of times; my decision to invest in a coach is one of my Top “10” lifetime gifts.  I did not know how valuable and the impact it would have on my life.  My decision to hire a coach has touched every area of my life. It has taken COURAGE, it’s taken COMMITMENT, and it’s taken CONSISTENCY from me   It’s is a gift that will truly last a lifetime.  Both “A MIRACLE & A BLESSING”.

At sixty-three, I know that the best is yet to come. Women, myself included, are created for greatness.

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