Good morning to all the mommas in the world. As Mother’s Day is this Sunday, I want to speak to your hearts this morning.

 Even though it’s been a while since my children were little, I can vividly remember how I swore the laundry multiplied overnight because it would be crawling past the laundry room door. Or, the dishes were stacked in the sink because I said I would do them tomorrow or the next day. Or, the endless days of being exhausted, just trying to put one foot in foot of the other in order to make through the day.

“What do your messes look like?” 

“So Much More Beyond The Mess”

When looking beyond the mess, you will find a blessing:
• Dirty dishes – There was food to eat
• Overflowing laundry – You have clothes to wear
• Exhausted – I’ve given all that I could today

Take it from this seasoned mom of three, no matter what stage of motherhood you are rocking, there will always be messes. We do not stop being a mom, EVER, no matter how old our children are. Learn from the messes: value, benefits and blessings are to be had.

Miracles are in the messes of our lives!
With eyes wide open, what blessings did you find beyond your messes? Grateful Beyond Measure!

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