I would like for you to think about this for a moment:

“It’s easy to live loved when you feel loved.”

Let me say that again: “It’s easy to live loved when you feel loved.”
What might contribute to you feeling loved by others:

• Being heard
• Being encouraged
• Being supported
• Acceptance
• Approval

But what happens when you don’t FEEL loved?
I can answer that honestly. I’ve been known to; act out, isolate, retaliate
ALL the above.
You see, the key word here is “FEEL”.
Feelings change like the weather.
Sometimes every few minutes.

If we feel unloved by others, are we not looking to other people’s actions as a basis to know we are loved? We are looking for the evidence that proves we are loved, right? Think about all the feelings you have had in the past week. Some feelings that have surfaced for me are: sadness, overwhelmed, frustration, confusion as well as comfort, joy, peace, calm.
Now that we have identified this past week’s feelings; let’s notice how often you FELT loved during that time? Here’s the million-dollar question, “How does this mirror your life?”
I would venture to say, it’s not your first rodeo to feel unloved. Certainly, not my first time either.
What might be the reasons we’ve felt unloved in our lives? We must look deeper. This is the work I’ve done within myself and the work I now get to do with many women. So how do we change all that? It begins internally. It’s a heart thing!!!

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