What would be added to your life, if you were to invest in you? I recently wrote about how essential it is to be selfless in my blog Selfish vs. Selfless. I have never been more aware of how investing in me would change my perspective, change my attitude, and help me to connect as I navigate life. I want you to take a minute to think about how much you have invested in you in the last few years, few months, few weeks, and few days.

If you did, what did you notice? When you gave yourself permission to invest in yourself, how did you feel? What might have made it important to you? As you dissect that experience, what more can be created by further investments?

As I allow my heart to rise where I am today, I am aware that I invested in many others, but not in myself. I am also aware that, although I thought I was giving my best to others, truthfully that was not so. Resetting from that place of awareness, I moved into acceptance that, “It’s okay and essential to invest in my dreams, my desires, and my physical, mental and emotional health.”

This paragraph from the book, “Cultivating Joy,” compiled by Linda Joy inspired me to write this. It was my RESET for the morning:

Looking back, I can see that my entire life was leading me to that pivotal moment. All the drama, all the crap, all the stretching and expanding, healing and forgiving … it was all to prepare me for this opportunity to say “yes” to myself and my dream.

Investing in yourself from awareness, acceptance and awakening is everything you need to RESET, REALIGN and REMEMBER.

Following my “Investment” time last week when respite care was brought in to care for my dad, I can only begin to tell you, this week has been, lighter. What returned this week was a renewal of laughter, smiles, and a lighter step in my walk. Surely it was better for Dad, too. Going forward, I will not underestimate how essential it is to invest in me.

Invest in yourself, and see what it adds for you, and those around you, too.