I’m welcoming 2019 with wide open arms. What about you?

As I think back to my first blog of 2018, “Ready to Soar,” I have to smile. I stood on the roof ready to fly. Although that was my intention in January 2018, I found that it was more like learning to drive a stick shift. If you’ve ever tried to drive a stick, you might have experienced a start-kill-start-kill process as you learned to navigate the clutch.

What did you notice as 2018 came to an end and you found 2019 before you?

I want you to imagine taking a trip that requires hours of driving. Let’s look at the process:

  1. You’ve decided where you are going.
  2. You’ve made all the initial arrangements and plans on how to get there.
  3. The day has arrived, you show up and are ready to roll.
  4. You keep your word to yourself to get to wherever you are going.
  5. You are grateful for the opportunity.

Life offers many highways. Each highway has a process. So, what happens when we face a detour or take an exit ramp that was unexpected? That is what I experienced in 2018. I set my intentions on soaring, and detours and exit ramps showed up along the way. However, as I stand in 2019 my take away of 2018 is that I was where I was supposed to be in that moment.

What do the detours of your life mean to you? I’ve discovered it’s okay to give myself permission to detour or take an exit ramp. Both bring opportunity and are not by accident.

You and I have hours of driving ahead of us in 2019. Let’s crank up the music, let our hearts rise in order to ReSet, ReAlign and Remember that the detours and exit ramps are adding more opportunities, more processes, and certainly more information to our lives.

Where are you going in 2019? How are you going to get there? I want to support you in 2019 from an honoring place where recognizing the present, acknowledging beliefs of the past, and connecting will benefit you through living into the future. Let’s rock ‘n roll.