As I reflected on my own coaching conversation yesterday, I was taken back to the time I decided I had had enough. Sort of like the last straw. Have you ever felt like this? In that moment, I thought, what is it going take for me for me to WANT to be healed of my emotional wounds? And, what am I willing to do to make that happen? I can recall the many times I would say I wanted to feel better, or pain go away.

The wounds were so deep and continued to fester.
Oh, from time to time they seemed better on the surface.
And then something else would trigger a flare up, a replay of what took place, what was said and swallow me whole, once again. And yet, I wanted to feel better, but did I really? Saying and doing are two different things, right? What might get in the way of giving yourself permission to heal?

• Pride, I will take care of it by myself
• That means I would have to accept responsibility for my own life
• Craving the attention of others
• I don’t want to do the work

So, I want to ask, “What is it going to take for you to start the healing process?” I now have found that I get to live a fulfilling live full of joy, because I have overcome some deep and excruciating wounds. And when wounds resurface or new ones appear, I have tools to navigate. If this is you and you are giving yourself permission to begin the healing process, I would love to have a conversation with you.

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