The million-dollar question is, “What would I have done differently?”

How many of you have made decisions only to question those decisions later? I would venture to say that we are all in the same boat. Those decisions were probably made in one of two ways:

1) Based on your in-the-moment emotions
2) Based on the factual information available to you

Let me ask, which supported you more?

If you’ve been to any seminars or trainings that involve emotions, it is not uncommon for you to be asked to refrain from any major decisions for at least 90 days. What is the reason, you ask? Those major decisions are at risk of being made by your emotions vs. calculated decisions based on information that is more supportive.

I was recently asked the million-dollar question, “What would you have done differently?” I sat for what seemed like several minutes before answering, “Nothing.” “Nothing” came from my ability to take in the big picture, not just listening to my feelings and beliefs.

You see, my past involves making many emotional decisions. Emotional decisions to which I usually reacted by jumping in feet first only to say, “Wait a minute!” I found out the hard way that more information usually shows up. And as I have learned, emotions are not right, nor are they wrong. However, the reality is that emotions change.

Does this statement sound familiar? “I love him because I feel so good when I’m with him.” That statement is based on how you feel, not the true information of why you love him.

What can you do to ReSet and ReAlign? You have the power and choice to program your thoughts. Recognize the origin of your decisions and ask yourself, “Am I making this decision based on how I feel, or is there information to back up and support my decision?”

How would you answer that million-dollar question?