woman staring out a windowWhat is your definition of courage?  How much courage do you have?  What does it take to embrace that courage and go forward?

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to ask for help, or just to share your needs or concerns with someone else. Here are some of the roadblocks that may be holding you back:

  • Not wanting to be a burden
  • Concern that others are too busy
  • Fear of not being accepted if others knew
  • Lack of self-worth
  • Determination to handle it on your own

Where do you find yourself getting stuck in this picture?

As I round up a little courage, or gather more courage to go forward, I take stock of how I am feeling, what I am thinking, and what I am hearing before I make my move.

Taking that first step is the hardest.

A client once told me as we wrapped up our first face-to-face conversation, “Do you know how hard it was to make that phone call to you.”  I said, “Yes I do, it took courage.”  As hard as it was for my client to gather the courage to make that phone call, it was also empowering.

I want to challenge you.

Give yourself permission to take a minute, gather information and visualize what it is that you need courage for in order to go forward today. I am declaring that, “You are COURAGEOUS!”

Do you need to take that first step in finding and knowing your courageousness? Allow me to support you in becoming empowered.