Change is something that takes place each and every day, whether you like it or not. I am hearing and reading more and more about, “when life goes back to normal”. Things might be similar, but NOTHING will ever be the same. Whether it is during this Covid-19 pandemic or any other time, changes are happening. Some obvious, some not so obvious. Change is nothing new and it is all around. I have experienced much change throughout my life and I have worked through a lot of emotional baggage that I have felt responsible to carry as a result of some these changes that have taken place in my life:

no boundaries,

Ladies, possibly you have or are currently experiencing some changes and the emotional baggage that
comes from betrayal, divorce, rejection, boundaries, or abuse, to name a few. My passion is to work with women empowering them to release the emotional baggage carried and the relief that comes when they can let go of that responsibility. Change doesn’t seem to come easily.

Let’s dig in to some possible thoughts and feeling that make change difficult.

Change is hard.
Change is painful.
I don’t deal well with change.
I don’t know how to change.
I don’t want to change.


Don’t miss my next post, when we identify the actions taken due to our thoughts and feelings. There is no better time to invest in you so that you can live a life of relief that comes when you can let go of that responsibility. I want to help you to process. This change is for you.

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