What do you get, where do you go, what comes into your life when Awareness and Acceptance collide?

Last month I wrote about how my mom’s words and my beliefs of “NOT good enough” and “NOT smart enough” played a major role in how I viewed myself. Many times, as a coach, I’ll notice that what was demonstrated several times over and then learned by children, will show up when the children become parents. I wish I could say that wasn’t the case with me. Oh no, my oldest daughter reminded me, as she read last month’s blog, that I did the same to her when she was a child. At a moment in her life she recalled that I said, “You cannot sing.” I can visualize my reaction looking something like this:

I denied ever making that statement. But here’s the thing: it is her reality that I said it to her.

I share this with you because for many, many years I felt and sat in the position of being a victim. I took those words of my mom, owned them and applied what had been said to me. Then recently, the awareness of my past collided with acceptance. As a friend described it this morning, “You stopped dragging the baggage.” I had moved into what it was. In that moment, it just was. I have noticed that in other scenarios in my life, when I stopped living the role of victim and acknowledged that it was what it was, I was given a gift – living in the present.

So, when I ask, what do you get, where do you go, what comes into your life when awareness and acceptance collide, visualize a time or times in your life where acceptance showed up following an awareness. What do you notice, how do you now navigate when the victim returns?

Each of us will return to those past memories that we thought defined us. Every heart has the ability to rise with an awareness of the past, then move into the present with acceptance.

“Me being the victim” all of these years, no longer supports the present me. Dreams, opportunities, freedom and purpose is what I found when Awareness and Acceptance Collided – I AM AWAKENED. What about you?