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Experience joy, peace, freedom and self-confidence from right where you are….

Mary is a Certified NLP Practitioner, Emotional Wisdom Trainer and Life Coach of Etched In Your Heart. A coaching service supporting women who are experiencing different seasons of life:
Divorce (before, during and/or after) *custody disputes*child support advocate*single moms*
Caregiver*family struggles* self-confidence* human trafficking advocate* career change* retirement*empty nest

Working with a coach is an investment, but an investment into EVERY AREA of your life.
Coaching with Mary offers:
• The ability to make calculated decisions based on information instead of emotions
• The ability to show up and be present and to rise above circumstances in your life
• The ability to replace destructive patterns with positive, practical purposeful patterns
• You can gain freedom by letting go of the responsibility of carrying the emotional baggage that comes with life experiences
• You can have more Joy, more Peace and more Self-Confidence in your life
• And most importantly, the light that was once dim within you will shine brightly again

If you find yourself longing for the things mentioned above, I can help you get there.
I join many women who have experienced:
Divorce √
Single mom (of three) √
Caregiver √
Grief √
Family hurdles √
Lack of self-confidence √

It wasn’t until I worked with my first coach that things started to change, and I began to find myself again. I became the strong woman that I knew I was, I just needed a little help finding her. I needed someone to help me look past the hurt and help me find my light again. Since then I have made it my mission to help other women transform themselves back into the strong women they are created to be.

Join me for a Free, no-obligation 30-minute conversation about how to come out on the other side happy and healthy. In this conversation we will:

• Identify what has your attention
• Take a look at what you might want to give your attention to in your life right now
• And, notice how your life might be different, when you choose a different direction.

I can’t wait to talk with you!
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