A Wave of Change – Actions & Results

Who has ever had the experience of standing in the ocean?
Waves come in and they go out, right?
Some waves have the power to knock you over and pull you down.
What changes are you facing that has knocked you over or pulled you down?

Let’s revisit some possible thoughts and feelings that come with a wave of change.
Thoughts and feelings that possibly make change difficult:

Change is hard.
Change is painful.
I don’t deal well with change.
I don’t know how to change.
I don’t want to change.


You may have different thoughts and feelings when you think of change. Take a look at what you are thinking and feeling. Now, let’s take it a couple of steps further. We’ve identified thoughts and feelings, what actions might you be taking or not taking due to those thoughts and feelings?

I don’t follow through,
I quit,
I find something else to drown my thoughts and feelings,
I lose hope.

When you put those thoughts, feelings and actions into one pot, what results are you getting? We do what we do (ACTIONS) because of how we feel? You see we think, then we feel, then we do. Want different results? I want to help you in creating new thoughts, feeling and actions that will benefit you when you are facing waves of change.

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