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About Mary Brown

Mary Brown is a Core Alignment Specialist, the founder of Etched In Your Heart, and a mom and grandmother. Her own powerful coaching journey began from a state of unacceptance in herself and ignited a passion to show up for others with an understanding heart and the ability to feel what others feel. She knows how essential it is to be YOU, and therefore how essential it is to share the work she does.

Mary empowers others to embrace their self-worth from an honoring place where she recognizes the present, acknowledges beliefs of the past, and connects individuals to navigate through living into the future.

Mary’s experience and understanding is that more can be created when your mind, body and heart are aligned. EVERY HEART RISE UP to let your light shine!

Steps to being

Recent Blog Posts

The beauty of it is, that you did it!

What is something positive that you made yourself do, even when it was the last thing you wanted to do? Examine that whole scenario from beginning to end and how it all played out. How would rate your energy level? How many excuses did you verbalize?  Did...

Life’s Foundations

Isaiah 54:11 “O afflicted one, storm-tossed and not comforted, behold, I will set your stones in antimony, and lay your foundations with sapphires.” What might your foundation be built upon? What is at the “heart of the matter”? Over the years I have worked with many...


January 2019 brought a facelift into my life. No, I didn’t have plastic surgery; my kitchen received the facelift and walls which were barriers came down, in more ways than one. I found it interesting to watch the contractors take in information on what I wanted,...


Dr. Diana Toler Doctor of Chiropractic Family Care Chiropractic Center

I started coaching with Mary just to get a taste of what her coaching style was all about. While I expected a benefit to coaching, I didn’t expect for coaching to help me change my perspective so much! I wanted to create more balance between my personal life and my business. What I learned was that I wasn’t giving myself permission to have “me” time. I felt guilty if things were neglected at work, I felt guilty if I neglected my family, and in between that, I was ignoring my own needs...”


I started coaching with Mary in February 2015, and it has been quite the journey, I must admit. At first, I was skeptical, my mother recommended her to me during a rough stretch in my life to help me get back on track. Honestly, I first told my mother I would try it out to just get her off my back and stop bugging me about it. As I continued my sessions I realized what my mom was talking about...”

A Mom Helping Hand Me Downs

“Mary, your session not only left us all with great tools to help achieve balance in the midst of life’s demands, it gave us permission to recognize the essence of our value and to celebrate it. 🙂 🙂
You are a great illustration of inspired living. Continue to live fearlessly and be a light for others. I believe that even greater things are in store for you and your mission of helping to uplift others.”

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Mary’s Story

Today, as a mother of three, a grandmother of eight, a sister, a daughter and caregiver of my 94-year-young dad, and a business owner, I stand in a much different “State of Being” from where I began. Looking back over my life I am amazed at where I am today, and the differences I see, as I stand in worthiness. You need to understand that most of my life I stood in “Unacceptance.” I was a skinny, large-nosed, buck-toothed little girl with glasses. Unacceptance came in abundance from childhood friends who came and went, sibling rivalry, and a feeling of not being smart enough…